Unknown Metal Bands: Raiders Inc.


Raiders Inc. is around since April 2011 and so far there are 3 tracks floating around the world wide web. Even though they have a website and Facebook page, the information on this band is very limited.

Their founder is Kenny Griffith who is also the vocalist and lead guitarist of Raiders Inc. They have their roots in Kentucky and according to their short biography, one of the few original bands from that area. Well, what would I know? Ask me about Metal Bands that are from Kentucky and I could not name one so I have to assume that this statement is correct. Kenny himself has more than 10 years experience which is likely the reason why I have enjoyed the 3 tracks quite a lot. 

Even though slightly exaggerated, the rough guitar riffs are strong and stand out. I would not agree that the bass lines are ground shaking but I consider it to be very solid. Raiders Inc. announced a full album later this year. In the meantime enjoy Road Warriors, my favourite of the 3 tracks.

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