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So far we have only covered Mad Mav from Germany – a one man show.  Time to go back to Teutonia. I am extremely excited to have been in touch with a German Symphonic Metal Band: Ebony Wall. For most part of my life I have lived only a few minutes from the German border and I believe it has influenced me to some extent when it comes to music. It is no secret that great Metal Bands come from this country: Scorpions, Helloween, Edguy, Kreator, Avantasia or Gamma Ray just to name a few! All of these bands are to be found in my extensive music collection and they are amongst my favourites. The Swiss (like myself) may have a bit of a strange relationship with our northern neighbour – I don’t. I love them for many reasons, Heavy Metal is likely the main one. The only thing I can not support is their Football team 🙂

Ebony Wall provides us with Symphonic Metal, influenced by classic Heavy Metal. Even though some of my buddies feel that Symphonic Metal is not though enough, I beg to differ! I especially love it when a Symphonic Metal Band comes with a beautiful female voice – like the one of Nina in this case  – backed up by a male vocalist enhancing the experience with guttural growls that may be a few degrees south of Death Metal. However, in comparison with traditional Death Metal vocalists, Ebony Wall comes across more clearly and what they sing is understandable. Furthermore, if you take a listen to Die In Flames you will also note that Ronny,  who is doing the clean male parts,  can also sing! His voice is rough and smoky in a pleasant sort of way. Ebony Wall has the following band members: Nina on vocals, Schust (well Ronny) on vocals and guitar,  Yves also vocals and guitar, Bert on bass, Malle on keyboards and Nafta on drums.

The various band members have already been part of bands like Testimony, Wishmaster, Fed Zeppelin, Fimbulthier, Martial or Eternal Sleep. Even though they have only been together for a short while (December 2011) the guys have already quite some remarkable musical experience: they have done studio productions with their previous bands and performed live at festivals or went on smaller tours. Ebony Wall is relatively new on the scene but you can hear that these guys are not new to the music business at all.  They set themselves very high standards, in the studio or live on stage – pushed by their songwriter Ronny Schuster. Having rehearsed intensively and after some fine tuning, Ebony Wall can already count on quite a respectable selection of songs. At the well-known Tonekeeper Studio they bumped into Andreas Rudolph and in cooperation with this chap they recorded, mixed and mastered their first promotional EP. Andreas was exactly the right person to accompany Ebony Wall on their journey to exceed their own high expectations even further and judging by the quality of the EP I have to admit that he did a great job.

Ebony Wall had their live debut only this year in March and based on the feedback from fans and requests from promoters thereafter, they managed to exceed their own expectations. An upcoming highlight this year will be a live performance in Loket (Czech Republic) with well-known bands such as Grave Digger, Tankard or Alpha Tiger. Their fan base is growing steadily and they are on a very good track. Right now the guys around Ronny are working on their first album and are looking at the same time for a decent record label. Some say it is not a question if but when Ebony Wall reaches a bigger audience.  Well, if it would be up to me hopefully tomorrow!

Below you will have the pleasure of listening to all 4 tracks from the EP that was released earlier in 2013. Let’s take a bit of a look at each one of these tracks. The extended play kicks off with Strangers In Hell. At the beginning we make sure that all our sins are forgiven – through the Lords Prayer – before we go full blast and get hit by a powerful attack of the joined guitar forces, a well played bass, impressive keyboards and a drummer who is really getting into it. Nina I find extremely enjoyable to listen to – I do think that she is well at home in this band and I find her voice has a very attractive touch. Yves is not just growling in the background, he complements Nina.

Oracle has a short guitar intro followed by a though as nails Yves going straight for the jackpot 🙂 Malle on keyboards creates a nice atmosphere in the background whilst Nina once again proves her skills on vocals. This track may not be as great as the one before but it is still a great piece to listen to. Dance Of The Dead has a bit of a faster pace except for the slightly sad part where Malle comes in on the keys again. This time round you will also get to enjoy some great guitar play a bit more than half way through. At the beginning I got a bit confused with Yves as when he kicks off the song I felt that it is almost a bit over the top but hey, it does the trick. Nina once more rocks the chorus and rounds everything up perfectly.

Die In Flames starts beautifully and even though I won’t normally compare any artist with another one, Ronny does remind me to some extent of some chap who is currently touring the world with Tobias Sammet!  Hell yeah I’m gonna get a fucking beating for this one. This tune is probably the most epic one amongst the 4. The first one, my very favourite is more like…..monumental! Now, one day I will have my site confiscated because you may expect me to criticize more often? Well, as mentioned in the last article, I am a fairly limited person but seriously, click the play button and listen to Ebony Wall. I am merely providing valuable information so don’t shoot the messenger. And as it happens, I seriously love this band.

Ebony Wall has a website that is fairly empty so go ahead and write something nice in their guest book. They are also on Facebook and a few more likes won’t hurt them either. I believe the 4 songs can be downloaded from Reverbnation so be grateful and make sure to buy their music once they bring out their long player. I think the physical EP we just listened to is gone for good which is a pity. Have a happy Thursday Ladies and Gentlemen!

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