• Unknown Metal Bands: All Or Nothin’

    Joe Cavaliere – what a name – wrote me a few dozen months ago. As I am in the process of catching up I went through all of their social media so I would find a little bit more information. Well, I found some but a certain level of confusion remains. The first Youtube link ended up in the middle of nowhere and in regards to their published songs I found some on their website and more on iTunes. I hate when that happens as it means I end up writing an article that may not be complete. 

    First things first, 18 month after getting a message from Joe it was essential to figure out if these guys are still together. Based on Facebook posts that seems to be the case. In terms of music I notice one EP (All For Nothin’) plus a few other songs floating around (Beat Me Down or Small Reality). Whilst the world wide web is often a reliable source of information, it isn’t this time around as All Or Nothin’ is a term that is rather popular with Google. 

    So let’s stick to what we know! We have Travis King as their solid lead vocalist, John Vo on lead guitar, Joe Cavaliere on bass and vocals and Eric Waldrup on drums. All Or Nothin’ is produced by Yanic Bercier at WaveTransform Studio. They have a rather boring biography / description on their website. Apparently All For Nothin’ is a philosophy, a mindset or a mantra. Seriously? A mantra  is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. So guys, no disrespect but you need to change your Marketing guy, this intro or whatever it is called is not very Heavy Metal. Should you want an introduction for your website that is a) interesting and b) stands out from the rest: I may offer my services. Anyhow, it is about time we get to the interesting part: the music. 

    I have written about many US bands before, some great, some good and some were not really to my liking. That does not matter – I often analyze, listen to the details and then write about it. If I would only write about the music I like myself, well, this website would be rather empty. So it is always a pleasure to find a band that makes music that I personally like – or love. All Or Nothin’ happens to make such music. 

    I agree with one small part of their websites introduction: they are a heart and fist pounding Hard Rock band and yes, they are hard-driving and you can definitely call them high energy. Also, looking at some of their limited amount of Youtube stuff, they put on a great show. Let’s listen to some of their songs – you can find them on Reverbnation – and figure out why the author of this article loves the music. 

    For Nothin’ (they really don’t like spelling things to the end) with its plucked bass and guitar intro turns rapidly into a very powerful tune. Travis with his strong vocals, an intense performance by Eric on drums (with the occasional sequence of double-bass drumming) and a decent portion of nicely distorted guitars will give you a taste for more of their sound.

    Livin’ The Hard Way is a bit shorter than the previous track but makes up for that in intensity. A track that reminds me of a couple of great glam metal bands – my sincere apologies but that is my perception. Don’t you just love that back beat, the structure of the song and the occasional shouted chorus? It is a bit of a mixed bag to be honest, if you listen carefully you find different subgenres of metal in this track. Let me know what you think and leave a comment!

    The mood is initially a bit somber on Modern Day Fairytale – guitars sounding a bit like church bells. I hear church bells I suspect Satan lurking around. But no worries, the straight forward riffs that follow this introduction makes Lucifer make a run for it. The rhythm of this track is somewhat relaxed which leaves room for Travis to prove once more his strong vocal chords. Watch out for the backing vocals, all of a sudden you get the feeling that you are surrounded by a couple of pirates. Probably my favorite track. 

    Every Breath is a song the whole world knows. The original was written by Sting for his band The Police back in 1983 and a major hit. The track was covered many times ever since, the most famous cover version (using several samples of the original)  was done by Puff Daddy back in 1997 following the murder of The Notorious B.I.G. It is hard not to like this song and it is even harder not to like the cover of All Or Nothin’. It is a proper cover version with heavy guitars and great vocals. I don’t need to add anything as you can’t go wrong with this track. 



  • Unknown Metal Bands: Conjuring Fate

    Conjuring Fate – they are from County Antrim in Northern Ireland and their logo makes things very clear: 100% pure Irish Metal. Having lived for 6 years in Dublin myself,  I found this to be rather interesting. Who doesn’t love the Irish and the fact that they call their music Irish Metal says a lot. I have to be honest, with the lack of posts on my side and the backlog that goes along with it, I am not sure what Conjuring Fate are up to by now. Their Facebook Page shows no post since autumn 2015 and the message I got from Phil Horner also dates a while back…June 2014! Anyhow, it is never too late for great music right?

    Based on some publicly shared information Conjuring Fate exists since 2005 and were created by Phil Horner (guitar) and Tommy Daly (vocals). These are the two core members. Conjuring Fate had different line ups through the years and played some support shows for Blaze Bayley, Pat McManus or Voodoo Six. 2014 saw Conjuring Fate embark on a new mission with new members Steve Legear (bass), Karl Gibson (guitar) and Bogdan Walczak (drums). The video below was shot at the same location where the Titanic was designed in Belfast.

    Anyhow, below you will find the video of House on Haunted Hill and you will appreciate the fast pace, heavy riffs and straight forward Heavy Metal. The vocals are quite special but in a good way as the track would otherwise not stand out as much. I love the fact that they very much stick to basics. And they do that extremely well!

    As I was writing this short article, Phil got back to me and the good news is that Conjuring Fate are still together. They also plan to release a new record a few months from now. Rock on my friends!

  • Unknown Metal Bands: Silent Jack


    Slowly but surely I am going through all the messages on my Facebook Page. I am just after writing to Rich “Stitch” Mason from Silent Jack. 2 years after he contacted me. I am glad to notice that his band is still around and I am sure that they don’t mind a review at this stage.

    Silent Jack are on a simple mission: to rock us hard! Their mission is simple and despite the fact that their sound is straight forward hard rock, it ain’t as easy as it seems. Going through their songs I notice some amazing skills. They perform on a very high level and they are spot on when they call their riffs down’n’dirty! I have seen many bands in the past few years that have a similar style and at first you feel like that this is mind-blowing stuff and all of a sudden you realize it ain’t because the tracks are repetitive. Not so with Silent Jack. Whilst I am taken in immediately and don’t need to listen several times before developing a taste for it, Silent Jack shows variety, skill and diversification whilst remaining true to their influences such as Aerosmith, Moetley Crüe or Guns’n’Roses. Even though it seems like a non stop party with these guys, you will realize at the same time that they take their music very seriously.

    Silent Jack were founded back in 2009 in Birmingham. In the beginning there were Adam Carson (lead guitar) and Scott Carson (drums). They were joined a bit later by Rich “Stitch” Mason (lead singer and 2nd guitar). Whilst their lineup changed for a bit thereafter, they eventually found Dickie Spider (bass) who became a vital member of this combo, in particular due to having a car…

    The band has toured the UK several times and played different festivals. In particular it is worthwhile to mention that they have supported at some stage an amazing Pirate Metal Band: Alestorm. It went as far as Silent Jack having their own event in Birmingham called Hard Roxx. An event where some of the finest Hard Rock Bands can show off their skills. Every event is a party as they love playing and meeting new fans. Whilst you could look at them and think they come right out of LA back in the 1980’s, they don’t which is a good thing because it means they are still young and we get to enjoy them many more years.

    Even though the guys are still young, Silent Jack have already released a good amount of material. Their first single was named Hot Luvin’, a fast and rhythmic piece of music that could not have been played any better by some of LA’s finest but listen for yourselves:



    About a year later they released an EP which included some previously released singles such as Love Factory or Going Down as well as Hot Luvin’. I give you Love Factory for a taste. Listen to the first few seconds alone and tell me that I was right! What a rhythm, wonderful guitar riffs and of course, an anthem like melody. Party Central Ladies and Gentlemen!



    2015 saw the release of their debut album called Play The Game. If you thought the previous couple of tracks were great, you should fasten your seat belt because this album is even more powerful and makes you wanna rock even harder. I have to be honest, I had to go all over the web to listen to the tracks of this album and I have not managed to hear them all as of yet. But one thing is for sure, this band can go very far. I hope that they get the support they deserve. There are no bullshit tracks in-between and every song I have listened to is straight forward Hard Rock’n’Roll! Before you move on and leave this amazing website, watch the Play The Game video! Turn up the volume my fellow Metalheads!!

  • Unknown Metal Bands: Four Star Revival


    I have already written an article about Four Star Revival back in March 2014. Benny Bodine, who is also a contact of mine on Facebook, has been in touch a couple of times telling me that their album is finally out: Knights Of Revival. Well, it seems that was ages ago. Obviously I still want to write something about it. Don’t come to Unknown Metal Bands for the most up to date information. Visit this page for good Heavy Metal!

    In my previous article I have mentioned that Four Star Revival is a Christian Hard Rock band from Dayton, Ohio. That hasn’t changed. I notice however that their drummer has – according to their Facebook page it is now Paul Strausburg bashing the drums. The album Knights Of Revival contains several tracks that were in the demo I described at the time. As a result, I will focus on the songs that I have not listened to so far. Nevertheless, you should seriously consider to listen to the whole album. Especially Red is a piece of music that will blow your mind. I am not into comparing the bands I write about to other, more famous groups. Then again, you will clearly hear several parts on this and other tracks that serve as a reminder to some of Metals greatest! The album actually kicks off with Red and prior to that we have a decent intro that promises you a fantastic Metal experience thereafter.

    Faith – the title comes as no surprise – is the 3rd track on the album. It’s a track that comes with dark riffs and a bit of a galloping rhythm before the refrain takes over. This track allows Jack to be the center of attention. What a fantastic voice he has. Thank god he ended up in Heavy Metal! Listen to the whole track and appreciate the variety in particular the slower part around minute 3 and 4 with Benny doing a great job on guitars.

    Hold On is weird in a good way and clearly brings out the ballsy vocals once again, vocals that are full of character. There is good musicianship but not necessarily my favorite track. Perfect Life is more to my liking as there is a lot of distortion on the guitar and tons of shredding. I enjoy the clear structure of the song and the melody of the refrain. There is a nice, easy-going guitar solo around 2:40 minutes. Somewhere To Run To had me worried for a a bit as it starts unplugged style and let me make one thing clear: I DO NOT LIKE UNPLUGGED AT ALL! But obviously, it turns out to be a great track, you just have to wait for a couple of seconds. The track has a bit of an 80’s touch which is in line with the way the band describes themselves. It is an airy and pleasurable piece of music that comes with no strings attached.

    I hate it when I am unable to say something about all the musicians in a particular band. It just feels that my articles are not complete. Thank god for our next track: Save meYep, it saved me as well as it gives all of the musicians an opportunity to shine. There is a moment reserved for Ed on bass and Paul on drums. A band is an ensemble and even though some instruments may not stand in the foreground, you will always notice if they perform well or not. Let me reassure you: not an issue for Four Star Revival. This is most definitely my favorite track so far.

    You would expect a track called Home to be a bit heavy and emotional. And so it is. Not your classic ballad but the refrain is deep and makes you drift away for a bit and even though I heard the track only a few times, it brings out emotions which clearly is what any musician aims for but not many succeed. Great job guys, you have me in tears… What a great way to end this article folks! Obviously I want you to enjoy the music of Four Star Revival as well. However, also take a look at this link here. It shows our friends during a service of the The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ. I think the more traditional churches could pick up a thing or two….

    Please take some time to listen to a few of their tracks on Reverbnation, you won’t regret it dear Warriors!

  • Unknown Metal Bands: Anthology


    Anthology is a Symphonic Metal Band from Nižná in Slovakia. Their Facebook page also mentions Power, Speed and Melodic Metal but what the heck, you know I like to keep it simple. Once you listen you know that I am right. A few educational facts at first though. I am not very good with complicated words so I looked up the meaning of Anthology and it basically means a book or other collection of selected writings by various authors. It may be a collection of poems, songs or short stories. So put that into relation with Symphonic Metal and it starts to make sense somehow. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s shine some light onto the band’s history.

    The band around Frontlady Raylyn Shayde (I believe her real name is Lubica Gavlasová) started out in 2008. Initially there was only Majo Gonda (composer and guitarist) assisted by their former member Ján Kičin. Young and determined from the beginning they gradually managed to grow in quality and numbers. Some of the current members were part of the initial demo called Exitus: Miro Grman (guitar), Martin  Solárik (bass) and Peter Pleva (drums). Exitus, the title song, is a soft and gentle piece of Symphonic Metal and as far as I can tell it was a lady called Alexandra Hírešová on vocals. The track is not in English but in Slovak. I quite like that even though it gives it a bit of a Eurovision Song contest touch. Before we move on let me share with you their track Zly Sen from the Exitus demo. I find the refrain amazing.



    Due to personal reasons Alexandra was replaced with Raylyn Shade in 2013. Following Exitus the band played many concerts locally but this was not enough for Anthology so when they started on their next project – The Prophecy – they took a more focused approach. You will notice that they had a clear vision of the outcome. The Prophecy is definitely a big step forward. The album was mixed by Roland Grapow (those of you that follow the world of Heavy Metal will know that he used to be in Helloween and is now a member of MasterPlan). From the way I see things this album really brought them to another level and the band has played many exciting gigs since the release of The Prophecy. 

    I would agree with Fireworks Magazine: Front-lady Raylyn Shayde possesses a pleasantly accented, non-classically trained voice reminiscent of Sharon Den Adel or Charlotte Wessels, without quite being in the same league (yet)…I loved the way Alexandra performed on Exitus but at the same time I love the voice of Raylyn Shade. You can and should not compare the two vocalists. Compared with Exitus the band improved quite a bit and in particular musicianship is on a much higher level. They may not conquer the world within the next 3 weeks but they are definitely climbing up the ladder. The track Scream Into The Darkness shows that. It underlines as well their professionalism with this really well done video clip.



  • Amon Sethis

    Let’s see if I can slap out another article, I understand that it has been a while 🙂 Even though I got the e-mail more than 8 months ago, I still feel that a review on the latest album of Amon Sethis will be appreciated. It is never too late to read about great music! If you have not read the first article, simply click here and get up to speed!

    Part II – The Final Struggle has been released last year and is once again a concept album based on what happened in Egypt between 2150 and 2134 BC, a wicked period full of mysteries. We know very little about this time so let’s be grateful to Amon Sethis who clears that up for us. I tried to figure out where the name Amon Sethis comes from. As far as I can tell, Amon Sethis used to be called Isias, the son of Queen Nitocris. He became in 2177 BC the ruler of Egypt – Amon Sethis, the so-called serpent god and 1st pharaoh of the 7th dynasty. There you go, all cleared up.

    The album starts with Prelude To Chaos. At first we hear some chap talking in Egyptian, at least that’s what Wikipedia is telling me. Oriental tones in the beginning are followed by a more powerful cinematic sound before Shadow The Light kicks off. This tune is again underlined by an oriental background however, the track itself is quite powerful and it clearly demonstrates that we are talking about a progressive metal band. You will notice that the French accent comes through here and now but it is nothing that bothers me. I am quite fond of the more powerful parts but I am not a big fan of the refrain as it lacks a bit of meat.

    Pharaoh’s Army has a slow but rather straight forward rhythm however, it would not be a progressive metal band if that was to continue. Again, the refrain is not convincing me. I get it, refrain’s are repetitive but at some stage I heard the chorus on Pharaoh’s Army once too many times. Apart from that I do like the song though, the catchy rhythm comes through several times and the lyrics are well embedded in the overall concept of this album.

    Hope is the best track so far. The guitars create an eerie environment, it feels quite dark for the first 40 seconds. Thereafter Julien Tournoud manages more and more to bring back hope. In particular the refrain provides us with some relief and let’s us see the light at the end of the tunnel. I find the Egyptian spoken words around 3 minutes into the track, alongside the guitars, mind-blowing. Listen carefully to the chants in the background, what a sound! A very catchy tune that deserves this title! Remember, hope never fades away!

    I am unable to write about Tenemra as I didn’t find this tune online. Guess I should buy their CD! So we head straight to Eyes Of The Sun. Not being much of an acoustic fan, I am not impressed by the first few seconds. Not being much interested in ballads either I almost want to skip this one. Obviously I didn’t and I am glad because on this song Julien’s vocals really come through. Wow! Fuck, don’t tell anyone but I love this track. My patience is rewarded when towards the end the power cut is over and we get to appreciate the same song with a little bit more power, check out the keyboards and the female voice that complements Julien perfectly!

    Let’s see now what Ateravis The Commander has to show us. The song in itself is a bit difficult to capture. The highlight is definitely when oriental sounds are played alongside the electrical guitars and bass, it makes the (atmospheric) sound of Amon Sethis very special. Again, we get to enjoy the female vocals once again, an innocent yet deep and beautiful sound is created.

    Moving on to Exterminate The Earth it gets very heavy. All of a sudden we hear growls that are very much in line with the name of this track. An evil and dark tune.

    Unfortunately the review ends here as I am unable to listen to Far Beyond Death and The Final Struggle (a 25:43 minute long masterpiece). I am slightly pissed about that. However, impressive to listen to the previous tracks. Metal meets ancient Egypt! It is not difficult to dive into this world of Egyptian mythology as Amon Sethis managed again to create a cohesive and conceptual successor of The Prophecy (released in 2011). There are some really cool melodies, several guest vocalists and a magnificent atmosphere throughout this album. Lucky I moved to France, gotta check them out live one day! Now I am glad to share with you Eyes Of The Sun! Enjoy amigos, hopefully the next article won’t take too long!


  • Unknown Metal Bands: Aeonblack


    You may remember Aeonblack – pure Heavy Metal from Germany. These guys are not reinventing Heavy Metal and trust me, this is a very good thing, especially for people like me who write about music as it makes things simpler. No subgenres to be investigated, no fancy words necessary! Their lead guitarist and vocalist – Maunze and Holger – sent me recently their new album: Metal Bound and I am very happy to write a detailed review. I took a quick look at their Facebook Page as well as their website and I realised that their bass player Nikki left them some time ago. I have no indication when but he is no longer with Aeonblack.

    Anyway, let’s get down to business and review their new album Metal Bound!

    The first track on this 10 piece album is called New Reality. The intro is a few seconds of bass and drums only followed by classic Power Metal and a couple of high pitched “Reality” screams. Nice overture gentlemen. What follows is good old Aeonblack – Holger’s unique voice which really suits the band’s style extremely well. The track has a fast rhythm and whilst the vocals remain the focal point, the guitars grow more and more dominant towards the end of the track. About 3 minutes into the track this becomes more obvious and New Reality becomes really enjoyable!

    The title track called Metal Bound starts with tough riffs and a rhythm that makes you bang your head. Metal Bound  serves as a reminder of the good old times and I hear many elements that would remind me of different bands. What makes this piece enjoyable is the fact that Aeonblack blends all these different parts together and makes their own unique piece. I really like it when the guys slow down a bit half way through the track and bring out some background chants and some really nice guitar solos, top notch.

    Aeonblack is Heavy Metal without frills and this becomes obvious when taking a listen to Coming Home. A fast beginning with several breakdowns in rhythm and a strong Maunze on lead guitar throughout this track. I am quite convinced that the refrain works out very well when performed live as it is memorable and almost anthem like. It is one single track but within it we have a lot of variety and many different parts which makes this a very demanding piece of music.

    No sleep ’til Loerrach! Last Breath is very powerful with a strong guitar intro and if the wife would not be around, I would bring out at least the air guitar and bang my head, maybe even throw a few PET bottles around the apartment! So far the bass has taken a bit of a back seat – with a few small exceptions. This is not unusual though, it remains an essential part of all of the tracks even though it may seem to drown a bit in the more prevalent rhythm guitars. Last Breath is my favorite track so far.

    For a moment there I was worried when I started to listen to No One Knows! Do I have to write about a ballad? No! The beginning gives you that impression however, it sounds really beautiful and Holger brings out some goosebumps for a second. 2 minutes later the goosebumps won’t go away as the guitars take over and keep the emotions going. Without even noticing, Aeonblack turns this into a proper Metal track and if I have mentioned “anthem like” like beforehand, No One Knows to me is a proper anthem! Wow – mind-blowing, seriously.

    World Of Fools must be a great track. Whenever the word Fool appears in a song title it is usually an amazing track (King Of Fools (Edguy) or Ministry Of Fools (Saxon)) and once more this simple and pathetic rule is correct. Aeonblack is managing my expectations well. This piece is a bit more progressive than the previous ones. I had to listen several times to fully embrace this great tune and its sheer power.

    This Is highlights the variety of these German guys. You will discover once more new elements such as a slightly darker underlying guitar pattern during the first 3 minutes or so. Holger’s vocal range in this song is again impressive and he goes from straight forward to high pitched and then to hell and back again! A compliment also for Kay for keeping up on his drum kit, good thing that Mike Portnoy is one of his favorite artists!

    Track 8 on this album is called Awake. Trust me, you will stay awake when listening to this tune. Distorted guitars in combination with some double bass drumming open this song. Aeonblack remain extremely powerful and there are no fill-in tracks at all. Awake is enjoyable from the first second but I find it rather progressive and as with many progressive tracks, the more you listen to it, the better it gets. Try it out!

    Where Is God? is a massive 08:30 minutes track. I worry that a ballad might be coming up but 2 minutes later I am once more relieved. Even though I thoroughly enjoy the last 06:30 minutes the beginning is not for me. Then again listening to the lyrics – which are sociocritical-  I get the message. The remainder of the track is more powerful and for once I really took the time to focus on the lyrics as well. They are impressive and it is one of the reasons why this piece is so formidable. When it comes to music itself I can only recommend you to listen to it. Sit down, relax and get ready to enjoy 08:30 minutes of awe-inspiring guitars!

    Dangerous wraps this album up and Aeonblack leaves us with a 3:51 minute long bang! Fast, loud and extremely powerful. Holger brings out a few more high pitched screams and keeps up a very strong vocal performance, Maunze and Tom give it their all in this last piece and Kay is bashing his soul away on drums. This is probably the fastest track overall.

    Now, as you know, I do not normally rate albums. However, the least I can do is to give Aeonblack 7 points on the Richter Magnitude Scale. I really think it is a massive album but unlike the maximum points on the Richter Scale, Aeonblack is not about total destruction hence the 7 points for bringing out a mind-blowing album! Now dear Metalheads, be happy as finally you can listen to their music and prove me right! Enjoy This Is! Thank you for reading this!






  • Unknown Metal Bands: Diamond Beast

    It has been a while, hope you guys missed me. Today I can’t go wrong – a small article on Diamond Beast: Europe’s first and only all female Iron Maiden tribute band. Iron Maiden: wonderful. All female: even better. However, I am not distracted by the fact that these ladies play the right music and on top of that are rather nice to look at. No way.

    The 5 ladies have started this project back in 2008. After several changes, the current line up was on stage for a first time in October 2011. You will realise that they are amazing when they play live and even though not all of the videos are of an amazing quality, you should take a look at their Youtube channel! The ladies get to play all over Italy, in Rock Clubs as well as festivals and I think they are telling us the truth when they say that they make a unique live show. Diamond Beast has played at the Women in Rock Festival in Holland (an event I need to seriously consider even though not sure it is still in existence), they played the GNZ Festival in Slovenia and they also appeared at the Maiden Day in Italy.

    Speaking of their music and having watched all of their Youtube videos: I am really impressed. Angie Prati on vocals has an amazing voice, powerful and strong. Her singing almost gives me goosebumps. Elisa Garbo and Annie Greta Giannotti are very skilled on guitars and Laura Mattiuzzo, who plucks the bass, is an amazing support on the backing vocals. Verdiana Gariboldi is on drums and even though she looks like any normal young lady, I can assure you she knows how to bash her drumkit!

    I would be interested to find out if Diamond Beast would also consider writing their own music. The skills are definitely there and I believe the World is ready for you ladies! Now, watch with me their Fear Of The Dark video. It is amazing.



  • Unknown Metal Bands: Cavina


    If you have followed unknownmetalbands.com for a while you will know that the name of Cavina has popped up quite regularly. Today we have another update to share with you and this time it is rather a big one. They signed up with Wiki Metal Music 2 weeks after the release of their first single. This single is part of their debut EP and with the support of Wiki Metal Music this extended play will be distributed in more than 100 countries. It is really amazing to see how some bands get slowly but surely to the next level. In the case of Cavina I believe it is first of all due to their determination, passion and hard work but also a really great amount of talent. If you take the time to listen to their EP on Soundcloud you will discover many elements that are simply amazing.

    Eduardo Cavina (vocals and bass), Matteus Cavina (vocals and guitar) as well as Avner Bonifacio (drummer and also best friend of the Cavina Brothers) manage to keep their sound unique and then again, every few seconds you feel like you get a reminder of some of Heavy Metal’s finest. I do not know how Cavina can combine so many amazing elements in a few songs. There are hints of progressive Rock in some of their tunes, you will hear screeching guitars every now and then, they then take a step back and play straight forward Heavy Metal and before you know it you find yourself in a Trash Metal environment. This is simply amazing and right now I can’t get enough of Cavina!

    Their EP can be bought online and I hope to get my hands on a hardcopy as it belongs in every decent collection. Let’s take a closer look at their EP! There are in total 6 tracks however, this includes the intro which I will not describe. I do recommend that you listen to the intro though as it is important to hear it all and it prepares you for their first track Sokratis’s Demons. This song starts with a lot of guitar power and it takes about a minute before the vocals kick in. Do not worry, this first minute is already a mind-blowing experience. The vocals are very strong and even though I know that these guys are wonderful people, they do sound a little evil and no surprise: it works. This track highlights the progressive elements I have mentioned before and the songwriting is impressive.

    We have heard the next track before: Stolen! Those who have read the first Cavina review would remember that they sang: What fuck is going on. I enjoyed that as it is part of their South American charm. However, it is now What the fuck is going on and I guess that is ok seeing that their EP will be distributed in more than a 100 countries…It is a strong tune and it sticks in your head because this track really stands out.

    We move on to My World, a track that I have not heard before. Thanks to the bass it is a level deeper and muffled in a good way. I just got myself a new soundbar with an amazing subwoofer and I can assure you even when played on rather low volume, the apartment is vibrating! I take this track also as an opportunity to highlight some of the guitar solos by Matteus. I am sure that you enjoy them just as much!

    Better kicks off with Eduardo plucking away on his bass, followed by Matteus who hops on and joins the laid back rhythm. Avner follows the lads and knows when to increase the intensity of his drumming. The musicianship is on a very good level here but that’s not all, you can hear that these guys get on like a house on fire. Impressive.

    Unfortunately we are almost at the end and All The Shit That You Have Done we have heard before. Primal Screams and strong vocals accompany us and they give everything! Guitars that screech the fuck out of you, followed by short solos and mini sequences with a focus on bass or drums only.

    And here as always a track for you to listen: Sokratis’s Demons!

  • Unknown Metal Bands: Update



    In case you are interested in what is going with Unknown Metal Bands, you may want to read the following few lines. As you know, I have moved country to start a new job about 3 months ago. The job is demanding everything from me and the working hours are extremely long. On top of that I am hardly ever at home (…on tour but not with a Band, rather with my laptop…). There is not much time for the family and as a result I have to set my priorities when I have time off.

    This is the reason why unknownmetalbands.com had to suffer recently. My apologies to all the bands but please know that I will keep going. However, I will not rush things and push articles out just for the sake of it. Quality comes always first because you, the artists, deserve a decent write-up and a decent listen to your music.

    Keep it loud and keep it Metal!